June 8, 2015

I have just released my first paid pattern, Guna, on Ravelry. I'm very excited about it and it is a design of many "firsts": first knitting design, first shawl, first pattern that I had tested, first pattern that I'm trying to sell. Here I'll try to explain a little about the designing process of that shawl.

I really like the idea of shawls you can just knit and knit until you run out of yarn (1). Especially now that I am spindle spinning my own yarn, I really want to use it all up. I also learned that the shawl shape I like to wear is a crescent (2). And I like an open lacy fabric (3). So I wanted to design a shawl incorporating all these three elements.

I also decided I wanted to spread out the increases over the rows of the shawl, instead of for example only increasing at the edges. This gave me a shawl shape with 6 wedges. Some thinking and sketching in InkScape later I came up with the Guna design:

After converting this into knitting I ended up with this shawl:

A lovely bat wing shaped shawl. I'm currently making another one in hand spun yarn. You can find the Guna pattern here.

Will there be more shawl patterns in the future? I have some things in mind, so watch this space.