June 25, 2013

Fast and easy Tunisian base row - Long-tail crochet cast-on

For me, the most annoying part of Tunisian crochet is making the base row. Making sure to have the correct number of stitches in the chain, and then the fiddling with picking up the stitches (bobbles). Only recently did I find out that with the help of an extra crochet hook (about the same size as the Afghan hook) this can all be done in one pass, plus much easier to keep track of the stitch count.

June 18, 2013

Potatted plants

Quite a while ago I placed some pictures of my "potatted plants" on intatters.com. I got some request for a pattern, but I never got round to actually making it. Until now, that is. It is actually more a set of instructions, since the tatting pattern itself is very simple. I made a chart so both needle and shuttle tatters can easily follow the pattern (I can only needle tat myself).

June 13, 2013

First post...

I'm finally starting a blog again, this time about my crafty life. I love (tunisian) crochet and cross-stitch. I also do a bit of tatting and sewing.

I also start this blog to have a place to write down patterns and ideas. I still need to write down a pattern for my tatted plants I promised to do a long while ago. When done, I'll post it here.