December 10, 2013

Growing Star

Groeiende ster

Rainbow star made with 7 colors of cotton and a size 2.5 mm hook.
 I used scraps I had laying around which were not all exactly the same weight.

Five differently sized stars. They are made with thin (pearl) cotton, kidsilk haze (outer edge) and a size 1.5  mm hook.

This pattern is similar to the growing heart pattern, in that it keeps its shape when you make the star bigger.

Dit is een patroon van een ster dat zijn vorm behoudt, ook als je hem groter maakt.

December 2, 2013

Picture tutorial for the tricky parts of "Growing Heart"

Some parts of the growing heart pattern can be a bit tricky. In this post I show a lot of pictures of the more difficult parts of the pattern.

Just before the pattern states to pull the magic ring tight, you should have something which looks like this: