March 18, 2014

Stardust cast-on and bind-off

Why stardust? I had to come up with a name, typed the first letters of stretchy, sturdy, and decorative into Google, presto! And the a? Well, it is also amazing! So here you go:

Stardust: a stretchy, amazing, decorative, and sturdy cast-on and bind-off

Since everything which can be knitted can be knooked, similarly, this cast-on and bind-off, while shown for knooking, can equally be used for knitting. But it does require intermediate to advanced crochet skills. If you are already familiar with foundation single crochet, it is going to be easy.

So what is this cast-on and bind-off? The cast on is simply foundation single crochet (fsc). I will not provide a tutorial here how to do that. There are plenty of photo and video tutorials on the internet. My favorite tutorial is this tutorial by futuregirl. The bind-off I created is nearly identical to an fsc cast-on, so you'll get nice symmetrical results.

Why use this cast-on and/or bind-off? Because it is crocheted, it is very sturdy. But, it is also stretchy, unlike a regular crochet cast-on and bind-off. And because it looks like a double braid, it's decorative too. Here you can see the stretchiness at work. Before, the stretched out sock cuff was 7 cm wide, fully stretched it is 10 cm. Since this is in the round, we actually go from 14 to 20 cm, so the full stretch is 6 cm. The bind-off has the same stretch.