December 2, 2013

Picture tutorial for the tricky parts of "Growing Heart"

Some parts of the growing heart pattern can be a bit tricky. In this post I show a lot of pictures of the more difficult parts of the pattern.

Just before the pattern states to pull the magic ring tight, you should have something which looks like this:

After tightening, you are left with a small, almost square, shape. Ordinarily, you would close with a lip stitch in the next stitch, or continue in the next stitch. Instead, you need to skip both the ch2 and the first hdc stitch and make an hdc in the second hdc stitch (arrow):

After making the hdc it looks like the picture below, you now continue making 4dc and one more hdc in this stitch:

When you finish the central heart you are left with the situation in the picture below. With arrows I indicated the next five stitches. If you want to continue with the same color slip stitch in all these stitches, otherwise fasten off in (or over if you do invisible) the first stitch and attach the new color to the fifth sitch at the tip of the heart:

Here is what it looks like after slip stitching and making the ch2 of round 1 (before turning):

After turning you make the first hdc in the same stitch you made the ch2, indicated with an arrow:

It is useful to place a marker in this stitch:

When you arrive at the end of the round, make the last hdc in the same stitch as the first, the stitch with the marker:

To finish the round, skip the ch2 and make an hdc in the first hdc (arrow):

In each round, keep placing the stitch marker in the stitch you made the starting ch2 in:

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