October 3, 2013

Birthday treats

Today it is my youngest first birthday and he is going to hand out these cute goldfish:

The fish are from a free crochet pattern by Twinkie Chan. They each come with a small box of raisins.

It can be hard to come up with fun birthday treats for children to hand out at daycare and school. Especially with "no candy" (or not too much candy) rules and all that. When I was small, and no such rules were in place, my mom had one time knitted dolls for the entire class. They were a huge hit and I decided to do something similar for my sons.

Last May I made these gummy bears for my eldest son to hand out at daycare. The pattern is available on the Lion Brand website (also by Twinkie Chan):

I added a little bag of real gummy bears so the kids could easily take it home instead of eating them at daycare.

I'm already thinking about small items to make for next year's birthdays...

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