August 19, 2013

DIY Kumihimo bobbins

I recently picked up my Kumihimo disk again to make a bracelet. In the past I have used clothespins as bobbins, but I never really liked them. I've also looked for plastic no-tangle bobbins, but never got round to buying them. Then I found a whole bunch of these cheap plastic embroidery floss bobbins in my craft stash:

I then got my hot-glue gun and attached a small washer to each of them as you see above, to add some weight. 

To make the bobbins suspend nicely beneath the disc, I first pulled the thread through the little hole in the top of the bobbin and then attached the thread to the bobbin:

Next, I pulled most of the thread through the hole:

and then wound it around the bobbin:

Finished and ready to be used:

These bobbins are super cheap and work great!


  1. OMG Thank you! I can't find flexible ones anywhere in the offline world and my threads kept getting so tangled it was starting to annoy.

  2. Ideia fantástica. Parabéns!
    Fantastic idea. Congratulations!