July 24, 2013

Baby toy ball

For round 4 of the Ankh-Morpork knitter's guild wars (on Ravelry) I made a Hyperbolic Pseudosphere. Now that it is finished, my 8 month old boy loves to play with it as a toy. It is firm enough to roll around the floor, but because of all its ruffles can also be easily picked up by little hands. Not to mention, it is soft and unbreakable when thrown around the room.

I guess it would also make a great toy for cats (maybe even dogs, but I don't think it is very "chew proof"). Below is the pattern for this ball. (Nederlands patroontje in oranje)


  • Crochet hook 2.0 mm (Haaknaald 2 mm)
  • Sock weight yarn (I used Lana Grossa  Meilenweit Magico II, 420m/100g) (Dun garen, geschikt voor naald 2)
  • Tapestry needle to weave in ends (Stopnaald)


Round 1: Start with 6 sc in a magic ring. Don't join rounds, continue working in a spiral, placing a stitch marker (or small piece of scrap yarn) at the beginning of each round for counting.
Round 2-9: 2 sc in each sc
Fasten off (preferably using an invisible join)

Ronde 1: Begin met 6 v in een magische ring. Er wordt vanaf nu gewerkt in een spiraal, het is daarom handig om de eerste steek van elke ronde te markeren, bijvoorbeeld met een veiligheidsspeldje of draadje garen.
Ronde 2-9: 2 v in elke v
Hecht af, het mooiste is als je dit onzichtbaar doet.


You start with 6 stitches and double them each round. This means that the 9th row consists of $6 * 2^8 = 1536$ stitches!
The total number of sc stitches in this project is $\sum_{n=0}^8 6*2^n = 3066$.

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